Pictures: Marcel Verheggen



“The Royal Flush”: Our silent hero Noah needs a bathroom and discovers the world’s tallest toilet -- perched on top of a 5 m high pole! Thus begins a fantastic acrobatic adventure in the wordless style of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. With spectacular Chinese pole-climbing tricks of incredible strength and clowning stunts on the towering toilet, Noah delightfully entertains young and old alike. He spins himself around and up the pole with astounding ease, his feet never touching it, strikes gravity-defying poses or “flags” at right angles to the pole, and then tumbles on the lofty loo with side-splitting slapstick and breathtaking acrobatics. This show is so tastefully comical, even a group of nuns loved it, laughing and cheering with everybody else!

The Cologne Stadt Anzeiger on “To-do-loo:” “Noah didn’t have it easy. A very human need was pressing him, but the solution to his trouble – a toilet – was perched on top of a 5 meter-high pole. The acrobat’s incredible efforts to reach his goal amused and delighted young and old alike. Even the professionally grim-looking security guards could not help but crack a smile.”

Technique: Performing area of 4x4 m (absolute minimum: 2x2 m). Minimum height: 6 m. Show length: about 15 Minutes